Friday, February 3, 2012

It's the Weekend, So Why Not Trash Your Dress?

Thank goodness it's the weekend!  I don't know about you guys but whenever Friday rolls around, I wake up with a little more energy and in a great mood just knowing the weekend is almost here.  And I also don't want to do anything to serious on a Friday.  So, in keeping with that theme and to help us kick off this weekend I have two awesome shoots (and two posts - it's just that kind of day) to share with you.  Both shoots are full of sexy pictures taken in the ocean (hey, a girl can dream of ocean swimming weather, right?) 

So get ready to have some fun!

The first is a 'trash the dress' shoot.  This couple decided to have a little fun after the stress of planning their wedding and jumped into the ocean for some amazing pictures.

About the shoot: There is nothing more liberating than throwing yourself into the ocean after all the stresses of planning your own wedding. James and Janelle traveled from San Fransisco down to San Luis Obispo County to have a small, rustic and candle-lit wedding in the town of Pismo Beach. After Janelle planned every detail of her own wedding, she was ready to throw her shoes up and have some fun! The couple enjoyed their honeymoon close by and the Monday after their event, they decided to do a "trash the dress" photo shoot with their photographer Ballad Hall of Ballad's Photography. It was a freezing cold morning, but there was nothing but heat coming from these two. The newlyweds were more than willing to get soaked to get the pictures they had been hoping for. The couple and myself, the photographer, felt like it was an experience we will never forget!

How gorgeous are her eyes?!

Such a fun, gorgeous shoot!  And hey why not trash your dress?  Are you really ever going to wear it again?  This way you get some fun, sexy pictures and great memories to keep forever.  Stay tuned for the next shoot...

Photographer: Ballad's Photography

Submitted via Two Bright Lights


  1. I love "trash the dress" and "rock the frock" shoots! If a bride doesn't want to completely ruin her dress, there are definitely also tons of options for fun and creative shots that will keep it from being permanently damaged.

  2. So cute! I couldn't trash my dress but I could let it get dirtier than normal like this!