Friday, July 29, 2011

Ahoj v Praze! (Hello Prague!)

Today I am heading to Prague, Czech Republic with one of my girlfriends! 

I am so excited to get a little break from work and to explore a new city.  One of my favorite things about traveling is getting inspired by new cultures and styles.  I'll make sure to take lots of pictures to share with you all!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!  And if you have any tips for me about Prague, I'd love to hear them.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Etsy Find ~ Mignonne Handmade

Lately there seems to be a trend of brides doing alternative things for their wedding and really stepping away from the standard traditions.  For example, many brides are opting for no bouquet toss or instead of a cake they're having a dessert / candy bar... the list goes on. 

Another example is the veil.  While many brides are still wearing veils (and I plan to the day I walk down the aisle), if you are opting to not wear a veil they are great alternatives.  You can go without anything or you can go with a headband of sorts.

Today's {Etsy Find} comes from Mignonne Handmade.

"Darling pieces hand made for you with love for a special day or everyday..."

This is a great shop on Etsy that offers pieces using handmade flowers and vintage aspects (including some from France - oh la la).  These headbands / head pieces are beautiful and the perfect touch for your wedding day if you aren't wearing a veil.  Or, if you are wearing a veil then these would be great to change into for your reception!

Jennifer Wood, creator of Mignonne, started at Temple University and then got her start at local antique dealers.  She fell in love with floral design and started her small business in 2005.  Mignonne was born out of a love for embellishment, decorative forms and pretty things.  The handmade flowers with vintage touches are each unique.

Jennifer is inspired by nature, films, fashion, art, vintage, cooking, books and bygone eras.  And you can certainly see all of these influences in her whimsical, delicate pieces.

I love this one!  (how gorgeous is the model btw??)

So pretty!

Be sure to check out Jennifer's Etsy shop, Mignonne Handmade, for more great options!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Alternative Guest Books

At the wedding that we coordinated this past weekend, they had a very unique guest book.  In fact it wasn't really a book at all.  They had a 'wedding tree' where guests added a thumb print and signed their names.  I love this idea - you can frame it and have the memory as decor in your house rather than a book to flip through.

Please excuse the iPhone photography on this one. 

Some other unique ideas for an alternative to the standard guest book:

Postcard Guest Book
Have guests mail you a postcard with their best wishes.  Or another idea is to simply place the postcards in a photo book rather than having people mail them.

Quilt Guest Book
Guests will sign pieces of fabric which can later be sewn into a quilt.


Dictionary (or any book) Guest Book
Use an old dictionary or any book that is relevant to you as a couple and ask guest to sign pages throughout.  Makes for a great coffee table book.

Photo booth Guest Book
If you have a photo booth at your wedding - place the print outs in a book and have guests sign that.  (Most photo booth companies offer this)

I'm sure there are many more options out there as well.  What are some unique guest books you all have seen?

Monday, July 25, 2011

A Little Something ~ #20

I stumbled across today's {A Little Something} on the blog Erin Ever After (great blog to check out if you don't already!)

How gorgeous is this hydrangea centerpiece?  I love how simple yet dramatic it is.

Two words: Simply stunning.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Long Distance Love Story

I stumbled across this video on the blog exPress-o (check it out of you haven't - Diana has some seriously great posts!)

Below is a short video from JW Griffiths about two people coming together from different places. 

I absolutely love it! 

Happy Friday - here's to a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Esty Find ~ Bragging Bags

This week's Etsy Find is Bragging Bags by Morgan Hill and her husband.  They have so many great wedding decor options in rustic, 'barn chic' designs.  They have everything to offer from table numbers to ring bearer pillows to customized signs.  I'm loving everything they have! 

Here is a small preview of their collections - but be sure to check out their shop for more!

How cool is this guest book??

I'm seriously loving these!

They even do paper flower bouquets!

This small selection of photos does not even begin to cover everything they have to offer (and they have some great prices too!)

Be sure to check out their Etsy shop and Blog for more selections.  

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Honeymoon Registration

With more and more people getting married later in life, there is less of a need to register for the typical gifts: toaster, mixer, blender, dishes, etc.  At a certain point, most people already have these things.  So then what do you register for?

My friend Emily sent me an article from CNN with a great new idea.  Why not register for your honeymoon?   Rather than getting materials things you don't really need, set up an account where people can donate to your honeymoon fund and honeymoon travel.  Ingenious, right?

There are several sights (one example being The Honeymoon) where you can set up an account that details your honeymoon.  In doing so you outline an itinerary that will divided the trip into increments covering things like airfare, hotel stays and activities (i.e. massages, dinner on the beach, a zip line through the jungle) that people can donate towards. 

If you decide to go this route, here are a few tips from Amy Eisinger, editor of (and from the CNN article):
• Choose at least one store registry to give guests the option of a more traditional gift
• Register for your honeymoon through a website. Sending a card or putting a note on your wedding site asking directly for contributions would be considered tacky, she said. (WeddingChannel partners with honeymoon registry site Traveler's Joy.)
• Read the fine print on honeymoon registries; make sure the fees are very clear.
• Try to avoid extensive itemizing. Couples who register for travel are generally more established and might want to stick to airfare, hotels and major excursions.
• Put yourself in your guests' shoes; what would you feel comfortable buying for them?

So, if you don't want to register for a bunch of things you don't need - here's a great option!  Happy honeymooning!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Guest Post - Up and Coming Bridal Designer: Faith Thornburg

Recently my friend Emily was telling me about her friend, Faith Thornburg, who is an up and coming bridal designer.  She shared some of Faith's designs with me and let me tell you guys, they're awesome!   And here's where I let Em take over...

The beautiful designer herself - Faith Thornburg

“Well I guess I've always been 'destined' to be a bridal designer. I've been fascinated with wedding fashions since I was little (think Jennifer Lopez in the Wedding Planner when she's a little girl playing 'wedding' with her Barbie dolls - that was me!), so it was no surprise when I decided to make it a career.”

Faith Thornburg had big aspirations at a very young age - she knew she wanted to one day design the gowns that would help define one of the most exciting days of a woman’s life – her wedding day. She has done just that.

After finishing high school Faith applied to one school, The Savannah School of Art and Design – she got in – and starting in the fall of 2007 – she had her eye on one degree: Fashion Design. While at SCAD, she started working at a bridal store in Savannah, where as she described, she played “dress up” with “brides to be” all day long in beautiful Vera Wang, Carolina Herrera, Priscilla of Boston and Oscar de la Rent (just to name a few). The following summer she interned at Anne Barge and Badgley Mischka Bride in Atlanta, GA. Upon returning to Savannah, she started her senior collection.

Each year, SCAD works with top designers in the SCAD Style Lab. Seniors are encouraged to submit their collection vision and then a few are selected to work one-on-one with a designer. This past year’s designers were Christian Cota and Chris Benz and they were so impressed with Faith’s vision, she was selected to work with Christian Cota – an opportunity which she describes as a dream come true! Cota would visit Savannah throughout the year, assisting Faith in the whole “collection process” – she explains that it was at that point in her career that she was truly shaped into a designer. Along with that incredible opportunity, Faith’s work was also chosen (in a select group of senior designs) to “walk the runway” in a show choreographed by Miss J. Alexander from America's Next Top Model.  After the show she was personally showered with praise and implausible advice from Andre Leon Talley, Miss J and Manolo Blahnik – some of the industry’s leading men!

Faith thought all of her dreams had come true until she was told that her collection had been chosen by Elle Magazine to be showcased at New York’s Fashion Week this September as well as have a special feature in the magazine's October and December issues! (keep your eyes peeled for her)

Faith is now working on a few gowns for brides that will be worn this fall and will be moving to Atlanta, GA in three weeks to get her career “up and running” – she is well on her way!

Check out her website to get to see all of her collection! 

Monday, July 18, 2011

A Little Something ~ #19

Today's  {A Little Something} is from one of Calligraphy by Jennifer's album on facebook.
(She posts some of the best pictures - wonderful inspiration!)

I think this Vera Wang gown and it's organza ruffle train are absolutely stunning!  I love the garden setting as well, they go perfectly together.

Kind of reminds me of a fairy tale....

Happy Monday!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Meghan & Trey - A Home Town Wedding

I am so excited to share this wedding with you guys!  Fourth of July weekend we had a wedding in LaGrange, GA (small town outside of Atlanta for those of you not from around here).  I was so excited to be part of this wedding, because it was one of my best friends' little sister.  Planning their wedding almost didn't even feel like work.

Meghan and Trey are one of those couples who you can't help but say 'awwww' when you see them.  They are two of the kindest people I've met and seriously in love.  All through out the rehearsal they couldn't stop smiling at each other.  You could just tell how excited they were to get married and start their new life together.

Meghan & Trey during their first dance.

Everything about this wedding was special and personal to the Meghan & Trey.  She wore her mother's wedding dress with his grandmother's lace sewn in the bottom of it.  The ceremony was held at a small chapel in her home town where she grew up (which was gorgeous - just wait for the pictures).  The knife used to cut the cake was an antique from his grandmother.  Her Aunts decorated the ceremony and reception sites as well as put together the flowers.  As you can see, it was truly a family affair...

Meghan & her mom - such a sweet moment.

How gorgeous did she look?!

Saying a prayer before the ceremony.  These boys were all so sweet!

The flower girl - During the Rehearsal she told me this was her 3rd wedding and so she was a pro at this.  Such a cutie.

I just love the picture of Meghan and her dad right before they walked in - he was so nervous!

The chapel - It was amazing! 
It was a small wooden chapel set back in the woods - it was such a beautiful, intimate ceremony.

So excited to be married!

The picture on the right is when they exchanged gifts - might be my favorite.

Aren't they just so cute?

I had to add this one in - they are precious.

Off to the honeymoon in a shower of bird seed.

Congrats Meghan & Trey!!

Photos by Buffy Dekmar - Website | Facebook | Blog

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Vineyard Inspiration

Last year some girlfriends and I went to Sonoma, CA for a long weekend.  We had such a great time touring wineries and tasting endless wines.

If you haven't been to Sonoma or really to any wine country then I highly recommend it!  The scenery is absolutely beautiful and of course the wine is wonderful :)

After seeing the amazing views last year, I've loved the idea of a weddig in a vineyard.  So, based on that I created the following inspiration board. 

How amazing is this reception table in the middle of the vineyard?!

Have you ever been to a wedding in a vineyard?  I would love to hear all about it!

Pictures via: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

Monday, July 11, 2011

A Little Something ~ #18

Let them eat cake!

After looking through a post about cupcake on Calligraphy by Jennifer, I just had to check out Cotton and Crumbs - a bakery in the UK.

All of their cakes are gorgeous and so today's {A Little Something} is more like a few little somethings, because I was having issues picking just one!

Love the black pearls and matching cupcakes!

Peonies and lace - beautiful!  And how amazing is that cake stand??

So perfectly vintage with lace and pearls.

To see more of their cake designs check out Cotton and Crumbs' website.

Happy Monday!