Thursday, July 28, 2011

Etsy Find ~ Mignonne Handmade

Lately there seems to be a trend of brides doing alternative things for their wedding and really stepping away from the standard traditions.  For example, many brides are opting for no bouquet toss or instead of a cake they're having a dessert / candy bar... the list goes on. 

Another example is the veil.  While many brides are still wearing veils (and I plan to the day I walk down the aisle), if you are opting to not wear a veil they are great alternatives.  You can go without anything or you can go with a headband of sorts.

Today's {Etsy Find} comes from Mignonne Handmade.

"Darling pieces hand made for you with love for a special day or everyday..."

This is a great shop on Etsy that offers pieces using handmade flowers and vintage aspects (including some from France - oh la la).  These headbands / head pieces are beautiful and the perfect touch for your wedding day if you aren't wearing a veil.  Or, if you are wearing a veil then these would be great to change into for your reception!

Jennifer Wood, creator of Mignonne, started at Temple University and then got her start at local antique dealers.  She fell in love with floral design and started her small business in 2005.  Mignonne was born out of a love for embellishment, decorative forms and pretty things.  The handmade flowers with vintage touches are each unique.

Jennifer is inspired by nature, films, fashion, art, vintage, cooking, books and bygone eras.  And you can certainly see all of these influences in her whimsical, delicate pieces.

I love this one!  (how gorgeous is the model btw??)

So pretty!

Be sure to check out Jennifer's Etsy shop, Mignonne Handmade, for more great options!


  1. those are gorgeous! I wore a head band on my wedding day.

  2. Pretty! My best friend wore a headband at her wedding and it looks perfect. I love it as an alternative to the veil.

  3. I love these! I'm really not into the traditional veil either. I think it's because I'm older and it just seems cutesy to me. Plus I'm tall (whatever that means). A think a bird cage might be the way to go. Although I also LOVE the Margeaux. Thanks for posting these. Great inspiration!

  4. Those are really gorgeously made. I made my veil... just a little venetian one! I took it off post-ceremony and had a big sunflower fascinator the rest of the time.

  5. great etsy find!!! I'm loving all these lovelies.

    xoxo, chrissy
    The Perfect Palette

  6. Love the feather headbands !!


  7. I love the idea changing into a fun headband at the reception, i cant wait to check her stuff out!!