Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Meghan & Trey - A Home Town Wedding

I am so excited to share this wedding with you guys!  Fourth of July weekend we had a wedding in LaGrange, GA (small town outside of Atlanta for those of you not from around here).  I was so excited to be part of this wedding, because it was one of my best friends' little sister.  Planning their wedding almost didn't even feel like work.

Meghan and Trey are one of those couples who you can't help but say 'awwww' when you see them.  They are two of the kindest people I've met and seriously in love.  All through out the rehearsal they couldn't stop smiling at each other.  You could just tell how excited they were to get married and start their new life together.

Meghan & Trey during their first dance.

Everything about this wedding was special and personal to the Meghan & Trey.  She wore her mother's wedding dress with his grandmother's lace sewn in the bottom of it.  The ceremony was held at a small chapel in her home town where she grew up (which was gorgeous - just wait for the pictures).  The knife used to cut the cake was an antique from his grandmother.  Her Aunts decorated the ceremony and reception sites as well as put together the flowers.  As you can see, it was truly a family affair...

Meghan & her mom - such a sweet moment.

How gorgeous did she look?!

Saying a prayer before the ceremony.  These boys were all so sweet!

The flower girl - During the Rehearsal she told me this was her 3rd wedding and so she was a pro at this.  Such a cutie.

I just love the picture of Meghan and her dad right before they walked in - he was so nervous!

The chapel - It was amazing! 
It was a small wooden chapel set back in the woods - it was such a beautiful, intimate ceremony.

So excited to be married!

The picture on the right is when they exchanged gifts - might be my favorite.

Aren't they just so cute?

I had to add this one in - they are precious.

Off to the honeymoon in a shower of bird seed.

Congrats Meghan & Trey!!

Photos by Buffy Dekmar - Website | Facebook | Blog


  1. Her lack sleeves are darling. That giant window in the chapel is so wonderfully dramatic!

  2. That traditional-style lace wedding dress is gorgeous! And I just love traditional style gowns :)

  3. Looks like an amazing wedding!! The pictures are breathtaking!! Thanks for sharing!!


  4. This is one of the sweetest weddings I've seen in a while! Such an adorable couple...and clearly surrounded by so much love.