Tuesday, April 5, 2011

And Baby Makes Three

No, no I'm not pregnant!  BUT my cousin's beautiful wife, Holly, is and we celebrated her and the little one a few weekends ago.  Hannah (Holly's sister) and myself hosted a baby shower for her and had so much fun planning it!

Myself, Holly (cutest pregnant lady ever!) and Hannah

To help make this shower really special, Hannah and I decided to make everything ourselves (with help from our family of course).  I think it turned out great!

The dessert table, with a DIY cupcake stand & diaper cake

A close-up of the cupcake stand.  I got to reuse my doily cupcake wrappers too!

Oreo Ball 'lollipops' ~ so good!

The food table - so much yummy food made by all the women in our family.

The mini chalkboard signs for the food.
We used this calendar to play a game guessing the baby's due date. 
Winner is TBD :)
Note: This idea came from Sass+Frass.

The centerpieces made by Hannah & Holly's mom. 
How cute are these?

Our DIY garland with baby pictures of the mommy & daddy to be.

Opening up all the goodies for the little one. 

He is going to be one well-dressed baby!

The favors (chocolate chip cookie mix) that Hannah & I put together for everyone.

It was such a fun and special day!  I'm so glad everyone could get togeher to celebrate this bundle of joy that's joining our family soon!!


  1. OMG Cuteness!!! Great job putting on a lovely shower for her!

  2. Everything looks so lovely :) What a lucky mom to be and baby!! xo

  3. Thats so wonderful that you both put everything together! I love everyone, and how amazing are the favors...yum! The three of you look so beautiful. I love your blue dress. :) What a great shower.

  4. Adorable party! Holly is definitely a gorgeous pregnant mom-to-be!!!

    Love those oreo lollipop treats!!
    xo Elizabeth

  5. Ah...I spie cupcakes!!!! Great job with the shower...it looks like it turned out awesome :)

  6. How beautiful! Just such a stylish baby shower! :)


  7. What an adorable shower! Those oreo pops look absolutely delicious! They are making me so hungry right now!

  8. you are so cute. you look lovely. going to be following you now! <3 EverRubyGirl.blogspot.com

  9. I'm a new follower to your blog. And I must you both are very creative. Your cousin's baby shower turned out fabulous. Love it!

  10. wow!! the decorations for the party are amazing! congrats to her!!

  11. can you come style my baby shower when the time comes? I love that you got to reuse those adorable cupcake wrappers you made for the bridal shower a while ago. Too cute - great job!

  12. That is one of the most impressive baby showers I have ever seen!! If and when I ever have a baby, I would love you to plan it!!!



  13. Oh my word how cute is this baby shower! The last one I went to was pretty boring, I love ones that are fun like this one. Loving the chalkboard ideas.


  14. Awesome baby shower! You ladies did a great job!
    I love the idea of jarred cookie mixes for a favor.

    Babies are the best :)

  15. Everything looks so lovely! The perfect soft boy colors and cupcake standard + wraps. She must have really enjoyed it all! Thank you for dropping by and for your sweet comment:) Your blog looks beautiful.