Friday, April 22, 2011

Leaving on a Jet Plane

This past weekend I was in NYC with one of my girlfriends and it was such an amazing time!  We caught up with old friends, made new friend, had amazing food, and just had a wonderful weekend full of girl time.

But, one negative of the weekend was that my suitcase broke... The top handle just ripped right off, so it's basically not functional.  Now I have an excuse to go shopping though, right??

In thinking about what kind of suitcase I want to buy, I am a little overwhelmed.  There are so many options and styles to pick from!  I definitely do not want basic black, but other than that I have no idea.

See?  It's overwhelming!

I could go vintagey.  Although wheels are probably a must for all the traveling I do.

I could spice things up with leopard print.  Definitely would never lose my bag!

How about bright orange leather?  It looks so luxurious and soft!

Polka dots?  As long as their subtle like these suitcases, it could be cute!

I'm kind of loving this one.  The red and the leather and it's waterproof?!  It may be 'the one'.

 Which style do you like the best?  I'm going shopping tomorrow so would love all of your opinions!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Friday!!


  1. That last one is super cute!

    Glad you had a great time in NYC...Have a great Easter weekend!!

  2. nice post!

    Check out my new post about Coachella festival!

  3. agreed - LOVE the last one! being that cute + waterproof is kind of insane. so glad i found your blog, it's fabulous! xo

  4. I'm going to give you one BIG as a former airline employee! Make sure it has three handles-- one on the top, one on the side, and one on the bottom.

    Also, don't get one that has the rotating wheels on the bottom-- they slide all over the belt and make it hard to pick up and more likely to get dropped on the ground.

    Outside of the views of a former baggage handler, I vote polka dots! Too cute! Just take a good look at the stitching and make sure the handle won't go flying off again!

  5. I looove that orange suitcase! Super pretty and would make such a great weekend bag.
    xo Josie

  6. Ohh pretty pretty luggage! Vintage suitcases are the best.

    As far as which style I prefer, I like the wheely suitcase style with extendable handle and snap on carry-on case. Makes for easy travel.

    Good luck with the new luggage hunt!

  7. Love the animal print back! It's functional AND makes a statement! :)

  8. Love the last one and the polka dots, not so keen on the animal prints though! I love the look of old vintage suitcases but not having wheels is really annoying, and heavy!
    Good luck with deciding!

  9. I love the orange one, very unique & beautiful :)