Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Winter Blues (plus a little rant)

So I have to start out this post with a little rant (I usually keep it 98% wedding related but need to vent a minute)...  I've mentioned before that I travel A LOT (aka every week) for work - the non-wedding, corporate kind of work I have to do. 

Per usual, I am sitting in my hotel room this evening writing a post for tomorrow (I should get better at the whole writing ahead thing...)  So tonight as I sit here I just cannot focus. at.all.  The reason for this lack of focus is the lady in the room next to me yelling into her phone for the last hour while she chats it up with her besties on speaker phone.  I can hear every single word (i.e.: seriously it just does not make sense.  like really I'm not going to take this from him anymore. uh ya, you know it girl.)  So here I am with my few moments I get to myself each night trying to relax and write for you lovely people and I am having to throw on some headphones to drown her out.  To me, its a common courtesy to turn down the volume on the tv, turn down the music, and  more importantly turn down the volume of your voice when you're in a hotel.  Isn't it just a known fact that sound travels in a hotel room???  Apparently she can't hear my loud passive aggressive sighs through the paper thin walls.

~ ~ ~

Whew, okay sorry for that.  Hopefully you're still with me and ready for the wedding related part of this post :)  Today I have a little winter wedding inspiration for you.  When it comes to a winter wedding you can go so many directions, but one of my favorites is incorporating blues (from navy to ice blue) with a touch of silver for that perfect winter look. 

What do you guys think?  Are you loving the winter blues as much as me?

I'm kind of obsessed with this bouquet - white peonies? Yes please!

{Pictures} 1: Necklace by Ezza Exclusive * 2: Picture by Lorenzo Agius * 3: Flowers by Garden Party Flowers taken by Robyn Michelle-Lee * 4: Louboutin Shoes via Feather in a Shoe * 5: Wreath by Amy Locurto * 6: Bridesmaid Dress from Dessy * 7: Cake by Pink Cake Box * 8: Signs by Willow Road Designs 


  1. haha! love the rant!! <3 Hope everything is better tonight, if you are still at the hotel!

  2. I am in love with this inspiration - so so pretty. Especially that dress in the top right. Just perfect for winter weddings.

  3. Sorry for noisypants mc-speakerphone!
    I love your inspiration, though!

  4. All i could do is laugh at the whole scenario about the hotel room because it has happened to me all too often. I feel your pain!!! I LOVE the colored cardigan with the wedding dress. I am so feeling that for a winter wedding.