Monday, November 1, 2010

DIY: Fall Centerpieces

Planning your Fall wedding on a budget?  Here's a simple and creative idea for centerpieces that won't cost you much at all.  We put these together for Frances & Chris' wedding a few weeks ago and they turned out great!


What you need: (be sure to look around your house and ask friends for these supplies, you'll probably find almost everything!)
-Large glass vases in all sizes & shapes
-Pillar candles
-Votive candles & glass holders
-Ribbon in various colors
-Pine cones
-Spray paint - gold, silver, bronze
-Marbles, acorns, potpourri, sticks, etc.
-Any other fillers for the vases
*Make sure that the candles, ribbons and fillers match the color scheme for your wedding or party!

What to do:
  1. Spray paint the pine cones in gold, bronze and/or silver to add a little extra color.  Leave some natural as well.
  2. Place the pillar candles in the center of the vases with marbles, acorns, etc. around the candle OR simply fill the vase with one of the fillers and leave out the candle.  It's good to have a mix!
  3. Put the vases in the center of the tables
  4. Place pine cones around the large vases.  Don't add too many or the table will look cluttered.
  5. For the vases without candles, place the votives in their holders around the large vase
  6. For smaller vases, you can add ribbons for extra color
  7. Spread out the rest of your votives around the vased on the tables as you see fit
And there you go.  You have your simple and cheap, yet beautiful centerpieces for your Fall wedding!


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