Monday, November 22, 2010

DIY: Oreo Groom's Cake

Need a cheap and unique cake idea for your Groom's cake?  Here is a simple idea that won't cost you much at all!

Oreo Cookie Cake

What you need:
  • 20 or so packs of Oreos (you may need more depending on the size you want)
  • Circular Cake Stand/Platter
  • Small Shot Glasses
  • Milk
Steps to Create the Cake:
  1. Begin stacking oreos on platter
  2. Stack oreos 5 high to fill the entire bottom of the platter
  3. For the next layer of 5, place the cookies about halfway in on the edge of the layer below
  4. Continue stacking layers 5 cookies high for as many layers as desired.  We made 4 layers, but you can have as many as you'd like.
  5. Place the shot glass around the table and add milk
Liz creating the Oreo cake at Frances & Chris' wedding 

No cutting needed, just grab a cookie and shot glass of milk and enjoy!

For additional tips and ideas, see Martha Stewart where we got our inspiration for the cake.


  1. That looks yummy. But is it OK to scrape out the filling and not eat the cookie?

  2. Of course! That's the fun of a DIY cake, you can make and eat the cake however you like.

  3. HA! What a unique idea for the groom's cake - love it!

  4. Great idea! Grooms are people too -

  5. Not only is the cake idea great, adding the milk shooters was ingenious. Low fat I'm sure.

  6. Thanks for all the comments! It was such a fun and simple 'cake' to make!

  7. Love this, it's ingenious! Can't wait to share, thanks!

  8. hi thanks for sharing this


  9. just been surfing a lot of time finding a unique cake but this is one of kind using oreo Cookie :)

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