Thursday, November 11, 2010

DIY: Welcoming Out of Town Guests

Do you have a large number of your guests traveling from out of town for your wedding?  Here is a cute idea to welcome your guests!

 To create a sign like this, follow these steps:

-Wood Planks (Try fence panels from Home Depot)
-Two 2x4 wood boards cut to size for posts
-Wood stain or shoe polish
-White paint or chalk

  1. Cut your fence panels or wood planks to the size you would like (2-3 ft. is a good length depending on number of locations you will add)
  2. Using the hammer, nails, sandpaper, etc. begin to 'age' the wood on the edges and across the planks
  3. Use the wood stain or shoe polish and stain the panels/planks  Note: You can always add more 'age' to the wood after staining
  4. Once the stain has driec, line the boards up on the ground and using the white paint or chalk, write out the places & distances traveled by each guest.  Tip: Draw this out on paper first to make sure you know where you want everything placed on the sign.
  5. Once the boards are dry, turn them over and nail the 2x4's to the panels to keep them together and to add the legs to the sign.

Simply find a location at your reception site for the sign and put it in place.  Guests will love this personal touch welcoming them to your wedding!

Photos courtesy of KariBeth Gentry

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