Thursday, October 20, 2011

Etsy Find - UpUrAly

Bridesmaids gifts... what to do?  It's always a big question I get from brides.  They want to get something special for their ladies to let them know how much it means to for them to be part of their big day but they also don't want to get them something they'll never use again.
Well, today's {Etsy Find} is the answer to that question.  UpUrAly is a shop owned by Aly, who lives in Eagle, Idaho with her husband Joe and their pets Kitty and Doja.  In her shop on Etsy, Aly has handmade jewelry rolls, make up rolls and wristlets.  The best part, you can pick the fabric combinations!  So, you can pick a different fabric for each bridesmaid based on her and her personality.  It's something personal and useful!
I asked Aly to tell us a little about herself and how she got into this business: I have always loved making jewelry, crocheting, knitting and doing anything craft related! I even do a little origami. I just love how you can take just about anything from paper to fabric and make a beautiful item out of it, and I also enjoy knowing that it came from my hard work.

Aly has a Music Ed degree and Masters in Education (smart lady!).  She loved the idea of teaching music but realized it wasn't so practical for having a family due to the long hours.  So how did she start her business and get her shop on Etsy? 

My husband bought an old 1915 treadle style singer sewing machine to occupy my time while I figured out what I did want to teach (I'm thinking Spanish or ESL).  So with what I remembered from when I was young that my mom and grandma taught me and a few tutorials from the Internet I taught myself to sew!  I started out with purses and an apron but I wanted something to use everyday for practicality. I already had a shop with some jewelry and crochet items so I decided to start a new one with only my sewn items. For product to put in my new shop I thought about practical things that could be used for every day needs. So I redesigned the brush rolls that are available out there to fit my needs. Such as spaces for my make up brushes but also for my make up. So the make up brush roll came to be. Then while at a friends house a few of my friends liked my idea but also wanted somewhere to organize their jewelry for traveling. I had a sewing book that had a jewelry roll in it already but I didn't like the way it was laid out, so again I redesigned it for my needs and what I thought real women would need out of it. Now I have two different jewelry roll designs to fit most women's needs. As for getting into the bridesmaid gift business, it was totally by chance. Someone saw my jewelry rolls and asked if I could make them for her bridesmaids. So that's how I got started catering to brides =) After I got into that, I have been busy nonstop!

So I still want to pursue teaching and am hoping to get an endorsement in spanish or ESL so I can teach but still have time to grow my family. I think I will always keep my shop open as long as people still like my stuff and to keep my crafting and sewing need satisfied.

Jewelry Rolls

Inside Detail

Inside Detail

Makeup Rolls
Use these for makeup brushes or art supplies or anything else!

Inside Details

Fabric Choices - so cute!  And there are more options on her Facebook page.

Be sure to check out Aly's Etsy shop and Facebook page for even more products and fabric choices! 

P.S. I just ordered one of the jewelry rolls for myself...  Aly was so helpful in picking out fabrics and letting me know what would look best together.  Can't wait to get it!


  1. Great ideas -- love the makeup roll!

  2. These are amazing, my accessories need something like this.

  3. These are great! I actually have a jewelry case similar to those ones and I LOVE it. My stuff is finally organized, and it's so much better than a jewelry box, which you have to just throw all your stuff into the bottom of, basically.

  4. Those are very cute! And practical too! Great idea for a BM gift. :)

  5. Very cute, especially the wristlets!