Thursday, October 6, 2011

[Guest Post] - A Mayan Wedding Ceremony

My name is Ilse Diamant. I am an expert in weddings in Cancun & Riviera Maya. As many of you may know the place where I come from is rich in Mayan culture. And being involved directly in weddings makes me an expert in traditions and their culture.
The original Maya ceremony lasts approximately 30 minutes. The music of the ceremony its composed by songs, flute, sonaja, drums and sea shells. The ceremony starts when the Shaman or Mayan priest (woman or man) prays asking to the Great God Hunab Ku and to the directions of the Universe, all the Blessings for this union:
Kich Belem yu´ um Hunab kúK´ame in kama ta´an, ku yan yetel in mu ´ukKa tak tu dzuin bakelKi ka ´atik tech, santo Lakin ka u tza to´on payalchiTi le ka pizano´obá…
The Mayan Wedding is a Wonderful ceremony, directed in the original Mayan language, by the Mayan Shaman Directing their prayers to the four cardinal points, with the bracelets and crown of flowers, offering the smoke of the copal, the Mexican corn grains and beans
and sharing the bride & groom the sacred drink of balche… the petals of flowers are mixed, white representing the woman and the yellows representing the man, symbolizing the union of their lives and their love they receive the blessings for the union of the pair and to finalize an offering of petals is given.

This is an alternative ceremony that can be held to celebrate the year 2012 as the YEAR OF THE MAYAS around the world. You can also have a Mayan purification days prior to wedding where the shaman will cleanse your body with natural incense helping bride and groom prepare for their wedding day. This ceremony can be done at the jungle in a place called Temazcal which is an ancient vapor house like an igloo made with clay.

Its really nice to get to know different cultures and one as ancient as the Mayas, is a real privilege to maintain their customs and keep doing their ancient ceremonies.

Photos from Michelle & Silvano's Archive


  1. What a great way to break away from the traditional standard ceremony! Love it! This fall, I'm coordinating a Mardi Gras wedding that is also going to be different in nature.

  2. I would LOVE to do this. I know we're already married but crap, I was trying to research Mayan rites to incorporate in our weddings without any luck!
    This is really neat!

  3. Love this post! So interesting. Gorgeous photos too! xx

  4. Love this! So great to learn about other cultural celebrations!

  5. Beautiful! I love weddings from other cultures!

  6. This is so fascinating - thanks for sharing!

  7. Yes I feel so lucky to live where the mayas once had their civilization!