Wednesday, October 5, 2011

[Guest Post] - Get Inspired

hello something old & something new readers! my name is greta and i am the owner of northwoods wedding company. i'm an event planner in wisconsin and also provide wedding products for bride's to be! my blog is all about sharing real wisconsin and midwest weddings and engagements and tips and tricks for brides. my favorite thing to create and share for my readers are inspiration boards with color schemes to inspire creative minds to dream up their big day.

inspiration for a wedding theme can come from anywhere. sometimes brides will find that establishing a theme and color scheme is the hardest decision to make in their wedding planning process. i encourage my clients to bring me pictures of things they enjoy and things that they believe are beautiful, as well as pictures of weddings that they admire, so we can piece together what colors will represent them on their wedding day.

as i stated, inspiration can be found anywhere: a flower, a sunset, a dress... even your favorite sports team. believe that? well, check this out. tonight, the milwaukee brewers became the nl champions, so i have decided to share with you an inspiration board based on the brewers colors: navy and gold. i want to walk you through the theme and color scheme creation process.

first, establish how you want your wedding to "feel". is it going to be casual? black tie? somewhere in between? in this example, because of the "sports team" theme, i wanted this wedding to be casual, yet still have the elegance every wedding deserves.

next, establish your theme. first, take into account which season your wedding is in. what is going to tie your wedding together-- an element from the season your wedding is taking place in? your favorite flower? will it be fall leaves? dragonflies? snowflakes? daisies? in this case, the brewers is the theme. it can be tied into  the favors, maybe some of the music and decor.

finally, if your theme doesn't dictate your colors, define your wedding colors. in this case, the theme does dictate that the colors are navy and gold. an awesome technique is to go to a paint supply store and get some paint chips off all different colors that speak to you. then begin placing them together in groups of three. mix and match them and begin eliminating colors that don't work. try to end up with no more than four colors. more than four could create confusion in your theme and make your wedding look disorganized.

here is the casual elegant wedding in navy and gold that i have created for you!

after you are finished with all of that, start specifically looking up wedding elements in your colors and theme. the wedding planning process becomes so much easier instantly!

hope you enjoyed! i love meeting and collaborating with brides, wedding vendors and wedding lovers! feel free to stop by [my website] or send me a [tweet]!


  1. This really beautiful, I love guest posts.

  2. Great tips and lovely inspiration!

  3. Great tips! I think that once you decide how you want your wedding to "feel," the rest is much easier to figure out :)