Friday, February 25, 2011

DIY - A Memorable Gift

“We do not remember days; we remember moments.”
~Cesare Pavese

And that is definitely true with all things weddings.  The memories you make on your wedding day are going to last a lifetime.  And how great is this memory that two Bridesmaids created for their Bride?

Leigh & Ryan got married in December and the morning of their wedding, her two Maids of Honor surprised her with an amazing, memorable gift.  In Leigh’s own words:

Ashley and Kristen stayed with me in my hotel room on Friday night before the wedding and woke me up Saturday morning with a surprise gift.  I'm not usually a crier - I actually didn't shed another tear the entire wedding day because I was just so overwhelmingly happy!  But, seeing the lace from their wedding dresses and our three new monograms on the handkerchief had me just sobbing. :)  I thought it was so thoughtful and unique!

Ashley and Kristen, the MOH’s, gave Leigh a handkerchief with a sweet poem, their monograms and a small piece of lace from their own wedding dresses.  The poem was in light blue thread giving Leigh a little something blue to carry down the aisle.  They left a place on the handkerchief for Leigh to add lace from her dress later on, post wedding.

To do this yourself, simply cut a small piece of lace from your wedding dress (you may be able to get some during alterations or at the bottom where it won’t be noticeable).  On a plain, white handkerchief stitch a short poem & your monograms.  Add the pieces of lace from your dress and the brides.  If you don’t have any experience with stitching, you can easily have a seamstress do this for you. 

I just love the thoughtfulness of this gesture and the memories they gave Leigh for her wedding day!

Photos courtesy Altmix Photography