Friday, February 11, 2011

Dollars & Sense

Driving to the office earlier this week, I heard the Regular Guys on 100.5 FM discussing joint checking accounts.  They definitely had some valid points on both sides of the arguement, but it got me thinking... Is it better to keep your seperate accounts or bring it all together to one account when you get married?

Via the Guardian

Here are some pros & cons for both:

Joint Checking Account:

Seperate Accounts:

As you can see there are ups & downs to both options.  Each marriage and partnership is unique, so your needs in the financial aspect of your relationship will vary from everyone else.  The biggest thing to remember is that you need to discuss your finances and make a plan together as partners.  Communication is key to making sure you're both on the same page! 

Which do you think is the best way to go?

Sources: Motley Fool & ehow

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