Thursday, February 3, 2011

Rain, Rain Go Away?

The first reaction most brides have when they wake up to a rainy wedding day is 'Oh no!  My wedding day is ruined!'.

Of course the rain may put a damper on a few things (i.e. outdoor ceremony/reception needs to moved indoors).  But that's what wedding coordinators are for, we'll take care of making sure the day goes perfectly rain or shine!

The one thing you don't have to worry about is if the pictures will turn out okay or not.  Some of my favorite wedding pictures are on rainy days.  The lighting is muted and beautiful plus the umbrellas add a fun touch!

Keali & Andrew in Atlanta, GA

One of my favorites!  The lighting is perfect.

Laura & Dylan in Piedmont Park

I love the playfulness of this picture!
We had some fun with the umbrella and matched it to the wedding colors.  

You may also worry that rain will ruin your engagement photos, but check out these photos of Ashley & Hunter who stuck it out in the rain and wound up with some great pictures!

Ashley & Hunter in Piedmont Park

A perfect catch of the light as the sun started to poke through the clouds.

So, don't fret if there is a little rain on your wedding day.  Instead have some fun and you'll wind up with some wonderful memories.  

And besides, don't they always say rain on your wedding day is good luck?

~Keali & Andrew's pictures by Monica White
~Laura & Dylan's pictures by Robin Gaucher
~Ashley & Hunter's pictures by Liana

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