Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Vintage Love ♥

On Valentine's Day (yes, it's next Monday for those who forgot...), Anthroplogie is launching their new wedding collection!  I don't know about you, but I can't wait to see what they have to offer! 

I can only assume they'll stick with their overall vintage look for the wedding dresses and unveil some gorgeous lace and classic looks.  Plus who can resist the perfect timing of a release on the day of love?!

Here's what I imagine as a perfect theme for a wedding inspired by Anthropologie:

These cake stands add the perfect touch of fun for a vintage inspired wedding!

To sign up for Anthropologie's wedding collection mailing list prior to the launch, go here: http://www.bhldn.com/



  1. Anthropologie should hire you!

    I hope they do a wedding registry for plates, etc.

  2. oh my gosh adorable! love anthropologie!

  3. Megan - I couldn't agree more; Anthropologie china would be amazing!

  4. Check out this WWD article for all the details of the launch: http://www.wwd.com/markets-news/steffe-returns-with-cluny-3462955?browsets=1297282782702#/article/retail-news/rules-of-engagement-3462039?navSection=markets-news

  5. So gorgeous! Love Anthro and can't wait to check out more of their wedding collection!


    PS I adore that blue hutch in the first photo too :)

  6. What a lovely blog! Anthro always does things so differently from the rest of them. I can only applaud that! :)