Friday, February 11, 2011

Guest Post - Whimsical China

As a single young lady, I try not to think too much about my wedding, flowers, dress, and shoes as I don’t want to jinx anything. BUT, at the age of 25 and without a boyfriend, I am 100% decided on my china pattern. 
A good friend once mentioned that the super fashionable in New York City don’t register for just a single china pattern, but instead they select various antique and new patterns with different colors and shapes.  From this thought, an idea blossomed and thus began my china registry without my wedding date or (some might say the most important part) a fiancé.  
As I like to describe my style as whimsical, light, and full of color, I love the idea of having a mismatching (yet matching in their own way) china collection.  The idea of creating a dinner party with beautiful patterns splaying various colors and shapes align not only to my style but also to my personality. 
SO how do you create your whimsical mismatched china collection?  It depends on how far you want to go with it. 
You can still go with the more traditional route and piece together a brand.  Kate Spade china patterns tend to blend well together and are for sale at Macys making registering easy.  

As for my china, I would love to register at is an online store specializing in new and old china, silver, and crystal.  A typical client for Replacements consists of our mom or grandmothers replacing a broken plate or cup, but clients are also able to buy complete sets.
For my patterns today, I went with gold as my base and incorporated purple and turquoise.  The bottom two pieces are “louder” than the others where as the top two pieces are more subtle allowing for a “quieter” dining experience.  Using the four patterns together therefore would create a balance amongst the patterns and colors making this collection, truly me. 

What would be your mixed china pattern?