Thursday, November 24, 2011

[Real Wedding] - Amusement Park Engagement Shoot

I just loved today's engagement shoot!  It's a fun shoot at an amusement park in Pennsylvania where the couple met.

About the engagement from Melissa, the bride: Brian and I met while working at Kennywood which prompted the idea of having our engagement photos taken there. We were dating for 5 1/2 years and had the talk several times about marriage. He assured me that he wanted to get married but he wanted to wait until he could afford a ring that I deserved. As he was telling me all of this, he had already purchased the ring but wanted to throw me off. I was at work one Friday night while he was at his work Christmas party. He called me and told me that he won a gift card at his party to a very nice restaurant in downtown Pittsburgh which expired the following day. All the girls at work were like "This is it!! He's going to ask you!" I told them there was no way and the only reason we were going
there was because of the gift card. So we went to the restaurant and had an awesome dinner. When sitting there, something was falling out of his shirt pocket so I grabbed it and read it-it was legit.. A gift card with the expiration date of that day. The thought of a proposal was completely out of my head now. As we were waiting for dessert, I see the waiter walking out with a platter with roses and a gift box. I tell Brian "Awe look someone is getting roses!!" as he stopped at our table. I still didn't think it was a ring because the gift box was much larger than a ring box. So I open the gift, and it was a Christmas ornament (which I collect) that said Brian and Melissa December 11, 2010 Engaged...Reading it, I was super confused saying engaged?? Were not engaged? Then I looked to my side and Brian was down on one knee with the most beautiful engagement ring!! Of course I said YES! The waiter even snapped a pic while he was on his knee! So afterwards, I asked him if he really had won a gift card- he told me that he received it from the jeweler and that it didn't really expire. He was so worried I'd ask to see it that he made a fake one on the computer with an expiration date. Good thing he did because I would have taken it out of his pocket! When we left the restaurant, we walked around PPG place and went home and decorated our Christmas tree. It was such a great night!!

The bridge where they had their first kiss - so cute!

I think this one is my favorite.

Congratulations to Melissa & Brian!

Pictures by Krystal Healy Photography          

Submitted via Two Bright Lights  

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