Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Back It Up

When you try on your dress, it is important that you are comfortable and happy in the dress. Another thing (that sometimes gets overlooked) is making sure the back of your dress looks just as amazing as the front.  Because, when you're standing up at the altar, most of your guests will be staring at the back of your dress as they watch you say your vows.  I love when brides have something a little unexpected to show their guests (i.e. open lace, a giant bow, a super long train, etc.) 

 There are so many options for dresses out there and with the different styles for the back of the dress, that number multiplies.  So, here's a little look at some of the options out there for the back of your dress.


A pink bow {via}

Buttoned Up

Tied Up

Love how this dress almost makes the bride look like a ballerina!

Open Backs

These open back dresses make for a sexy wedding day look!  You can go for completely open to just a little bit of skin showing.

Covered Backs

This lace covered back is probably my favorite option.  Simply stunning!

 I love how each dress is unique and really shows off the individual brides style.  You can go more conservative with a lace covered back or have a little fun with a large bow.  The options are endless!  What's your favorite style?


  1. OMG! I LOVE them all!!! great choices!

  2. Great point and awesome trends! I love lace backs!

  3. The lace backs are probably my fave as well.

  4. The back of my dress is way more elaborate than the front since we're having a catholic mass and everyone will be staring at my back for an hour.

  5. Honestly I never really thought about this! Such a good point and amazing pictures to boot :)

  6. Such a great point - and I love all these beautiful backs!!

  7. Hehe love the title of this post and very important point about not forgetting the back!