Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Glitz & Glitter

Glitter, it's everywhere right now (fashion, make-up, accessories).  And I personally love it!  Can your really ever have too many sparkles or too much glitz?

Okay, yes you can have too much glitter:

So let's not take it that far and use the rule: 'a little goes a long way'. 

There are so many ways to add a little bit of glitz & glitter to your wedidng day.  Your shoes, your makeup, you nails, and on and on.

Start the wedding festivities off right with a sparkly rehearsal dress:

Or add a little sparkle to your eyes:

Or add a little sparkle to your nails:

Love this glitter shrug to throw on after the ceremony:

Instead of adding the glitz to your look, how about a sparkly cake:

How amazing is this vintage broach bouquet?  The perfect way to add some sparkle to your wedding day!

Or maybe all out glitter isn't your thing -  Take a shot at this DIY and add some glitter to the bottom of your wedding shoes.  So fun!

Do you like a little glitz & glitter as much as I do?  How would you incorporate it into your big day?


  1. oh heck yes I love glitter. I think the shoes are a perfect way to add that punch of sparkle into your big day. I also need to look up a good glitter eye tutorial for the holiday parties coming up!

  2. I'm not a glitter person but those glitter French tips are way, way cool.

  3. ooh love the glittered bottom of the heels and the glitter tipped nails!