Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Legend Remembered

Elizabeth Taylor was truly a star and a legend.  She was one of those classic beauties with a huge talent for entertaining audiences.  Outside of acting and stardom, she was also a philanthropist and constantly giving to others.

Another thing that Elizabeth Taylor was famous for, was her many weddings.  Over the course of her lifetime she had eight marriages to seven different men.  In keeping with her personality, her weddings were all very stylish and made to be an event to remember.

Elizabeth & Conrad "Nicky" Hilton (1950)

Elizabeth wore a formal white satin dress by Helen Rose
along with a large bouquet of white orchids.

Marriage to Michael Wilding (1952)
For her second wedding, she opted for a more casual look. 
The flowers in her hair add a great finishing touch.

Elizabeth and Eddie Fisher (1959)
Four her fourth wedding, Elizabeth stepped outside the box and
went with a green chiffon dress.  This color is just perfect on her.

Elizabeth Taylor & Richard Burton (1954)
For her first wedding to Richard Burton (they married in 1964 and
again in 1975), Elizabeth Taylor wore an empire wasted yellow
chiffon dress.  To add to the look, she wore lilies of the valley
and white hyacinths in her hair.

Although yesterday was a sad day in losing Elizabeth Taylor, her memory and legend are sure to live on.

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  1. Oh, this saddened me. Kinda like when Audrey left Earth... Eyebrows... legend... :o(

  2. She was so beautiful..and her love story with Burton was truly epic. Thanks for sharing these lovely photographs :)

  3. I love Elizabeth Taylor. She was so so beautiful and classic. I used to watch her in National Velvet over and over again as a child.

  4. how sad it is that she's gone? a true star and a woman who lived so many lives!

  5. Elizabeth Taylor has always been the ideal movie star. Its so sad to see her pass on. RIP <3

  6. A True Beauty Icon who did so much for the AIDS foundation. <3 Still couldnt believe it when I heard.

  7. She will be missed and this is such a beautiful post! Kisses, my dear

  8. She is truly an icon and will be sadly missed!!


  9. Cant believe she is gone, but she will never be forgotten. Wow can you believe she was married 8 times and twice to the same guy.

  10. She was so pretty! Really love these pictures of her.
    Cute blog by the way :) X.

  11. RIP Liz*
    iconic beauty with a generous soul~

  12. That second photo... GASP... what beauty. <3

  13. elizabeth taylor, what a legend<3
    love your blog - now following :)


  14. These photos are really amazing. She will be missed.
    Love you blog, do you want to follow each other?

  15. RIP Elizabeth Taylor.

    Very cool how you guys are wedding planners. My boyfriend and I are wedding photographers. :)

  16. Thanks for the sweet comment and follow. :)

  17. i love the first and last picture a lot

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  18. She was so gorgeous, and such a talent. These photos are beautiful- thanks for sharing! xx

  19. Beautiful photos!
    Loved your blog, now following!

  20. I LOVE your Elizabeth Taylor post! I especially like the pics of her weddings. You did a wonderful job. Btw, following back!