Monday, March 14, 2011

DIY ~ Lingerie Shower

This past weekend I hosted a lingerie wedding shower at my lake house for a friend who is getting marriend in the coming weeks.  With the help of my friends, we created a memorable night for the bride!

Leah (the bride) walking down to the surprise shower.

We wanted to make the shower very personal, so we made a lot of the decorations and treats ourselves. 

 Sweet Treats

Last week I featured the DIY cupcake wrappers and they turned out so cute!  I made gluten-free red velvet cupcakes (that were delicious!) and topped them with cream cheese frosting and sugar pearls.

I loved the silver baking cups peeping through the doily wrappers.

For another sweet treat we made lingerie cookies. These are so fun and simple to make.  You start with heart shaped sugar cookies.

Flip the hearts upside down and start adding lingerie tops & bottoms to the top (now bottom) part of the hearts. 

The start of our lingerie cookies.

Ashleigh carefully applying bra & panties to the cookies :)

The finished product.  They were so fun to make!

Lovely Decor

The goodies, presents & decor

For the decorations, we also had several DIY features.  The first being a panty laundry line.  These were going to used later for a game (everyone decorates a pair of granny panties & the bride picks her favorite) but they added a fun touch to the shower.

Just hang up a clothing line & add the panties.

For the table centerpiece, my friend Brittany created a lovely tulle bouquet in a vase.  The vase was covered with a black & pink fabric bustier.  The bouquet was made of white & pink tulle stuck into a piece of flower foam and she added some bling as a final touch.

Lots of bling for the bride.

It was a great weekend and a great shower!  We had so much with girl talk, decorating panties, drinking some bubbly and celebrating Leah. 

Leah reading our sweet notes to her.

Congrats Leah & Christian!


  1. ooo the cupcakes turned out so well! Loved all the details and it looks like it was a great time!

  2. Thanks Laura! The shower was so fun to plan and create!

  3. Oh my word! looks like so much fun and I absolutely LOVE those cookies.


  4. Loved every single minute of this!! Such a special weekend!! :)

  5. This is INCREDIBLE!!!! How blessed my girl is to have connected with such wonderful, loving girls....makes a momma so happy XXOO-Karen