Friday, March 11, 2011

[Featured Event] ~ Circus Wedding

"Ladies & Gentlemen, and Children of all ages, the circus is about to begin."

Pictures via JL Designs

I stumbled across this circus themed wedding earlier this week and I think it is absolutely amazing.  I'm seriously obsessed. 

The wedding was designed by JL Designs.  All of the details are spectacular and full of DIY features.  The family of the bride & groom really made this wedding a dream come true!

How cute is the little top hat on the bride?

These benches were handmade by the couple's family.

I love how perfect the invites and programs were.  So cute!

This sign was also made by the couple's family.

I'm loving the chalkboar signs for the drink station.  Another easy DIY.

Who wouldn't want to drink beer out of a bucket??  Such a great idea!

The upside down parasols are beautiful!

To see all of the pictures and vendors who worked on this truly stunning wedding view this post on JL Designs.

Also, check out this video on the bride's blog.  Such a beautiful, amazing wedding!


  1. Saw this on offbeat bride, i think. I went bonkers for it, too! Vintage circus is AWESOMES!

  2. Awe, it's so cute! I love the 'Elephant Wash' sign by the toilet, and I really really love the upside down umbrellas. I've seen that in circus themed children's rooms before, and it always made me smile. :)

    Thanks for sharing!