Wednesday, March 2, 2011

DIY ~ Glass Bottle Centerpieces

I stumbled across this picture this afternoon and immediately loved it: 

Picture via Intimate Weddings

I love how simple these 'vases' are, yet they add a great pop of color for a Spring or Summer wedding (and would be perfect for my dream lake wedding).  And even better, you can make them yourself!

To get started, you need old glass bottles, milk bottles, or mason jars.  If you don't have any, ask your friends & family; I guarantee they'll start piling up!  You can also purchase these bottle fairly cheaply per the links above.  Also, if the bottles/jars do not match, don't stress!  Various sizes & shapes are best.

Next, go to your local market and find roses in your wedding colors.  Or (if you're like me) and prefer something other than roses, just pick your favorite flower(s) in the appropriate colors for your wedding.

To add a little something extra, place a linen/burlap table runner (á la Style Me Pretty) under the bottles and voilá you have the perfect, simple centerpiece for your wedding.

Picture via Style Me Pretty


  1. i love it :)

    super cute blog by the way!


  2. My sentiments exactly! Don't you just love how the simplest DIY ideas come out the most charming?

  3. Cute ideas! Will have to remember when my bf slips that ring on my finger... :)