Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spring Flowers

April showers bring May flowers.

The buzz about Spring is definitely in the air!  Before we know it warm weather will be here and flowers will be popping up everywhere.

When it comes to Spring flowers and weddings, do you think flowery bridesmaids dresses are a do or don't?

I kind of like the vintagey look of muted, mismatched floral dresses.  If done right, it can be pretty cute!


  1. I think if done can be really sweet and adorable. Expecially for an outdoor wedding!

  2. Love mismatched maids. And I LOVE patterned dresses for them, too.

  3. I totally think that floral dresses are beautiful for a spring wedding:) Love the photos you chose:) Have a nice day

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  5. I just love the miss matched look of the dresses in the second photo. Such a refreshing change from the formal look.

  6. I agree if done right , it can look really cute!! LOVE that last photo too with all the different shoes!

  7. My first instinct would be no. However, I think that if the floral is is in the right setting such as the first picture which is a bit prairie-esque - it would look fabulous!!!

    Thanks for the sweet comments on my blog!!


  8. Tres tres jolie and so fresh!can only work for a spring wedding though. The best mix is photo no2,
    Thanks for these lovely pics.

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