Tuesday, June 7, 2011

One Dress. One Woman. One World.

"One Dress One Woman One World" is an idea that all started when a couple decided to retake their wedding pictures in various locations around the world.  I first read about this couple in the news online and then had to check out their website and loved what I saw!

On their wedding day

The couple, Jeff and Jennifer, got married on Easter Island in 2008.  Jeff decided that the lighting wasn't perfect the day of the wedding and so they retook the pictures the next day.  This sparked the idea of Jennifer donning her wedding dress many times again as they went on adventures around the world.

Check out these beautiful pictures of Jennifer all taken by Jeff around the globe.  Be sure to check out their website for more too!

Spiral staircase in Vatican City

Medford, USA

Antelope Canyon, USA

Cairo, Egypt

Routeburn Trek, New Zealand

Arches National Park, USA

What a great way to get to wear your wedding dress more than one time!

All pictures courtesy Jeff Salvage


  1. Oh we're doing something similar! I want Shawn to take a photo of me in my dress at the grocery store and in Jamaica when we're on our honeymoon. We're also currently scouting sunflower fields to drive to here in NE!

  2. So gorgeous, and what wonderful memories! The canyon photo is incredible!

  3. Wow! All these pictures are absolutely GORGEOUS!


  4. What a fun idea...I might try this! :)

  5. what a crazy--but cool--idea! thanks for sharing these pictures...she's one beautiful bride, time after time! xoxo {av}

  6. That is such a brilliant idea! Love those photos. Have a great day

  7. wow, that's really taking the "wear it again" photo shoot idea to the extreme:) Go them! The one in Egypt is pretty darn amazing - what a cool idea!